Towers Flowers Plantscapes & Maintenance technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, carefully trained and fully equipped. they are backed by the most dedicated support staff in the business.

Customer Service
Outstanding Customer Service is the #1 goal at Towers Flowers Plantscapes & Maintenance. We will go the extra mile everyday to guarantee that you get the individual attention you deserve.

Our Promise To You

Our Pledge

We here at Towers Flowers pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

High Quality

Towers Flowers Plantscapes & Maintenance uses only high quality plant material, ensuring the healthiest green foliageand flowering plants.

Guaranteed Service

Towers Flowers Plantscapes & Maintenance services are fully guaranteed, regardless if foliage materials purchased.

Our Mission

At Towers Flowers Plantscpaes,
our mission is simple: to design plantscapes that preserve and protect nature.

Commercial Design

Professional Japanese Bonsai 

Courtyard Design

Irrigation Plan

Custom Indoor Garden Design

Unigue Office Plants

Conceptual Planting Plan

Seasonal Blooming Flowers & Plants

Holiday Decor

​Poinsettia Displays

Plant Library


If plants that you bought from Towers Flowers Plantscape & Maintenance need to be replaced, we use the same quality and sized material in our replacement program, ensuring you retain the same overall quality design. Replacements are done on time and unsolicited.

​​​​Towers Flowers Planscape & Maintenance 

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